Thursday, March 3, 2011

What time should I get to Texas Motor Speedway?

Question by iheartBALE: What time should I get to Texas Motor Speedway?
This is my first Nascar race and I am going to Texas Motor Speedway. The race starts at 2 pm and the pre race show starts at 12 pm. What time would be a good time to get to the seats or to get to the parking lot?

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Answer by nas88car 300 #39 after 2 years!!
early as possible.. many things to see and do .. many haulers to get souvenirs from
where i live i try to get there before the gates open to the track..
many tailgating going on just as well ..if you could go on pole day and watch them ..
if it like anything like Chicago land you will have in and out … just make sure you get your hand stamped !!!
enjoy the race!! make sure you have hearing protection

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