Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Legit and safe online horse racing betting website?

Question by SMichelle: Legit and safe online horse racing betting website?
Does anyone know of a legit online website where I can bet on horse racing? I’m mainly interested in trotters only.

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Answer by kmnmiamisax

These are all respectable popular betting websites. I use xpressbet because it’s free… you don’t have to have a membership or bet a certain amount every month or anything like that. You just sign up and you can bet on about 30 tracks (including harness tracks). When you deposit money on xpressbet, you can do it from your credit card or your bank account… if you do it from your bank account it’s free, but they do have a fee if you do it from your credit card. TVG does give you reward points for wagering so it’s a little incentive to use their service and use it a lot, but they also charge a membership fee. Check them all out, find the one with the best promotion for your needs, then bet away!

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